Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hello Kitty Pouch

This is the first Hello Kitty pouch I sewed. The pouch is made using calico + pink gingham fabrics while the Hello Kitty & flowers are felt. This pouch, like all my other fabric projects, is hand sewn as I do not know how to operate a sewing machine (I don't own one either). Would love to learn how to use a sewing machine though, so that I can sew more fabric crafts & say goodbye to all those painstaking needlework!


  1. oh, i can so relate, alcy! i always hand stitch my handmades. but just recently (about 1 month ago), I finally took the plunge and purchased a (relatively) cheap Brother machine. I've sewn one plushie with it, but I have yet to actually learn how to use it. Who thought that learning to use the sewing machine can be so stressful? =P
    But it does make sewing a whole lot easier, once the "what's" and the "how's" are figured out. (I really hope so)


  2. Yeah, to me using an electric sewing machine seems kinda intimidating! I thought it doesn't give you much control as compared to say, using a manual sewing machine or sewing by hand. I'm not sure if it's correct but that's how I feel. But still, I would love to learn how to use one as it does make sewing much easier & faster once you've mastered it! =)

  3. I think we should overcome our fears, Alcy ;). Consider how much more we can do once we master the art of controlling the machine! =)
    But I know some other crafters out there who hand sew their handmades as well. Like Mairuru: *We're not alone* lol. I guess ultimately, it really depends on individual preferences ;)

  4. I agree. Well, I guess we'll just use whatever sewing method we're comfortable with & enjoy the sewing process. =) Btw, Mairuru makes fabulous crafts!


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