Tuesday, May 26, 2009


What interesting neighbours I've got!

Looked out of my window one morning & saw this big bird resting on the swing. I think it looks like a hornbill??

Sorry, I know I take very lousy photographs as they almost always turn out blur (I don't know why)! Not to mention my tiny camera has extremely limited zooming capabilities as well. So, maybe with a little imagination, you can perhaps figure out what bird this is?


  1. Hello Alcy, thanks for coming by the blog!
    Many thanks for your lovely comments, it makes me smile.

    And glad you finished watching Monster! I've been wanting to watch this particular anime called Kuroshitsuji, but haven't been able to find time to get it.

    I'm not gonna be able to hazard a guess what that bird is. I'd love to, but my guess is.......large black bird.

    Have a good day =)

  2. Haha...large black bird! That's a great guess! =D

    I'll go check out the anime 'Kuroshitsuji'. =)

    Thanks for visiting & have a great week ahead!

  3. your guess is the best bet. i think it does look like a hornbill. is it your neighbor's pet? or did it just fly in from somewhere? i'll trade your bird with my moth anytime. hahaha.(^^)

  4. The bird's my neighbour's pet. I thought your moth looks exotic! By the way, is it still stuck to your wall? =)


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