Monday, June 1, 2009

The Toy Society

I first read about The Toy Society from a blog that I came across some weeks back. I think this society originally started in Australia with volunteers pledging handmade toys for the children affected by the bushfires. It has since spread around the world & now they have volunteers who make little handmade toys & then secretly drop them somewhere in their own home countries, hoping some children will find them & give the toys new homes. The toy maker is supposed to attach to the toy, a tag with a message like "Take Me Home, I'm Yours" + a request for the finder to send an email to The Toy Society informing that the toy has been safely 'rescued'!

I thought the idea is quite neat & wondered whether I should participate in this 'secret' society but I'm not sure if it'll work here, in this country...You see, when we travel in MRTs, don't we often hear messages alerting passengers to report suspicious looking person(s) or package(s) found on trains? Well, even though I'm not leaving the toy package in the train, I guess people must be quite sceptical about picking up a package that's left unattended, right? Do you think people would dare to pick up a toy that is left in the open? Most of all, would anyone here treasure a handmade toy these days? I certainly don't want my poor doll to get thrown away nor myself hauled to the police station for depositing a 'suspicious-looking package'!

What do you think? Would you pick up the toy if you see one?


  1. LOL. So true. It's because us Asians are more cautious. Living in KL as a child meant that my mom would constantly hover over me - "don't talk to strangers", "don't take things if you don't know what they are", "don't pick that up, it's dirty". My sisters and I were very protected, but we understood why that is so.
    Thus, if an unknown package was left in KL, I would not pick it up. But it would be a whole different matter if it were in Auckland or Singapore. Isn't Singapore quite safe? Because KL is most definitely not (unfortunately).

    And thanks for the comment, Alcy. I was laughing at the drooling part. :D


  2. Yes, generally Singapore is quite safe but like you said, being Asians, we are also a very cautious group. I don't think parents would allow their children to pickup an unknown package, much less play with it. That's why I think this fun toy-dropping exercise does not work here in S'pore. :(

  3. It is a novel idea, yet very thought-provoking. I guess in SG, such a movement is hardly seen. Perhaps not ever, unless someone creates the awareness. I am beginning to think there will be loads of green light to seek and groundwork to do just to kick-start. Eeeks! Am I thinking too much? We should think out-of-the-box, really. And I agree with you, would others appreciate? They probably would not give a heck about the crafter nor even consider to continue with the thread if they have picked up the softie. Such a bummer :(

    But if you decided otherwise, share with us! Would be fun, at least it we could look at it in a been-there-done-that way. :)

  4. I saw on The Toy Society blog summary that there were actually 2 toy drops done in S'pore but I don't seem to see any feedback on whether any of the toys have been 'rescued'. So, either they were thrown away or the people who picked them up didn't bother to register their finds with the society. Yeah, as you said it, it's a bummer if the finder does not bother to continue with the thread. So at this moment, I think I shall give this a miss.

  5. Oh really! 2 drops on the island?! Yep, would be fun to know the whereabouts. Pity.

  6. Yeah, it does feel stink if the person who picks it up does not even bother to notify the crafter.
    But thanks for bringing it up Alcy. I haven't heard of The Toy Society for quite sometimes now. I may do a drop off in Auckland. But first, I shall find a super strategic place. A playground perhaps? Or somewhere near a pre-school. I'll probably stalk the place just to see the person who picks the softie up. And to see his/her expression. :P

  7. Izaberu:
    Yeah, I'm also very keen to know if someone actually did pick up those toys...

    Toy drop in Auckland? Yes, I think it'll work better there. Both venues sound good but not sure how often kids hang out at the playgrounds in Auckland (our playgrounds here are rather deserted). Maybe the pre-school will be a safer bet? Please do keep us posted if you decide to participate. ;)


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