Sunday, February 21, 2010


February is such a short month but eventful though. Before I yak on, just want to remember these important dates:

20 Feb 2010 - In memory of Pa Pa who has left us for 3 years already.
16 Feb 2010 - My 1st blog anniversary!

The Lunar New Year has come and (almost) gone but Spring is in the air as you can see birds busily procreating during this period.

Read in my Bro #1's blog that 2 pairs of crows (!) made their nests near his flat, one of which is only about 5m away from his balcony! Dear readers, you know how I feel about crows from my close encounter with them years back. Though my Bro #1 (who heard from his pastor) mentioned that crows (ravens) are actually a very misunderstood bird of blessing, I have yet to be converted :).

Anyway since we are on this topic about birds, last week while looking for some blank CDs to copy songs for my brothers, I found this DVD with this interesting long-forgotten video:

I believe this is a Sun Bird (do correct me if I am wrong as I am not familiar with them)? This bird actually built its nest on an almost dead pomegranate plant abandoned by my neighbour outside my house. The initial part of the video shows the mother bird feeding its baby. But did you notice after the feeding, the mother bird did not leave immediately but instead waited for the baby bird to turn around & poop & then caught the poop with its beak before flying off? You can see this around the 00:55 ~ 00:56 mark. Talking about good service! :D

So before I leave, here's a big black bird of blessing which I sewed using a T-shirt I've never worn (thought I should emphasize this in case you think the doll smells!):

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Lunar New Year!

恭喜, 恭喜!

It's Year of the Tiger!

Does this look like a totem pole? :)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Day Off

I didn't go to work today; had to start clearing leaves that I had accumulated from last year, else they'll be forfeited. Went to the supermarket to buy some stuff but along the way, I stopped by at the ATM booth to withdraw some money & update my passbook. This ATM booth is one of those stand-alone kind located in the open air.

While I was queuing up to withdraw cash, I saw this young lady standing near the updating/depositing machine. My first thought was that she was queuing up for her turn but it turned out that she was not...When an aunty went over to that machine to deposit some money, this young lady told her that the machine was unable to accept cash deposits today and could only be used to update passbooks. Then that aunty asked why doesn't she just stick a notice near the machine to inform users instead of standing there physically to do so, the young lady replied: "My job is to do this - to stand here and inform users that the machine cannot accept cash deposits today".


Oh my, poor girl. If you are from this part of the world, you would know how hot the weather can be. Can you imagine standing under the hot sun the whole day, just to wait for people to come along & inform them that the machine can't be used? What kind of job is that? What was her company thinking?

Anyway, while I was updating my passbook something dropped on my arm. Not cash (I wish!) but a teeny-weeny green worm. Eeeeekk! I get squeamish over such things. Wish I had this bird with me to peck it away for me.