Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hanging Mobile

I was contemplating whether to post this given the current swine flu scare but I thought it's not the pigs' fault, right? Well, so here you go...

I like pigs, so I made this hanging mobile with 4 of them! Taking this picture of the hanging mobile was quite a challenge cos the subject was - MOBILE! I had to take several shots before I could finally have all the pigs facing the camera (well, almost!).

Which is your favourite pig? Don't be afraid, these are healthy & flu-free!


  1. I like that pig which has green flag.

  2. Thanks. My favourite pig is the one holding the fish!

  3. I *heart* the one with the red (or pink) nose :D
    Thanks for visiting and your comforting words. Keep your passion burning.

  4. Hi Izaberu, thank you for dropping by! I look forward to see more of your lovely bracelets! ^.^


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