Monday, December 28, 2009

Fish Head Curry

I have a weakness for curries. Any kind of curries - chicken, fish, vegetable, you name it, I love them all!

I could resist my other favourites like durians, mangoes, but never curries. It's my "nemesis". Don't you have some kind of food that you simply can't resist? If you do, then you'd know what I mean.

This is the fish head curry that mum cooked:

- Fish Head (mum used white snapper)
- Ladies Fingers (1 packet)
- 1 Brinjal
- 2 Tomatoes


Oh, I had really wanted to write down the recipe here but it's just too long (!) and I gave up trying. Guess I will just concentrate on eating :D... Sorry!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I love old Cantonese movies but this is not a scene from some 粵語長片. It's actually a photo I took on the Ngong Ping Plateau during my trip to Hong Kong in June this year! Yup, I had aged the photo with help from this interesting site.

For comparison, here's the original photo I took:

Also found another interesting site here which allows you to manipulate your photos to make them look like model photographs. I used a photo taken at a theme park in Korea to show you the before & after effect:



Isn't it neat? Go try them out, it's fun!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

X'mas Countdown

Only 3 weeks more to Christmas! Are you counting down already? Have you put up your Christmas tree yet?

Well, I don't have a tree this year, not a big one that is, but I do have a tiny one hidden somewhere in my messy storeroom :D. I shall have to go look for it this weekend. I like to set up and hang ornaments on the Christmas tree though I can't say the same about taking it down after Christmas.

I haven't got time to craft recently but I would like to share with you some of the Christmas ornaments I sewed in the past.

*X'mas Tree*


*Santa Bears*

Oh, I wonder if anyone still sends Christmas cards via snail mail these days or is everyone sending e-cards for convenience? For me, I decided to send you a felt X'mas card instead. Here it is, hope you don't mind receiving it a little early:

Happy weekend to you!