Saturday, May 23, 2009


Got some mangosteens from the supermarket the other day. I bought 2kg for S$5, thought that was quite cheap*! Not the cheapest, of course, as I remember the Giant Megamart at Tampines was selling them at S$1.90 per kg.

The mangosteens were sweet + a little tangy (just a little) = very nice & refreshing! As I got down to the last two, I decided to sew a felt mangosteen to remember these wonderful fruits that I had enjoyed tremendously.

I can't share the real fruits with you, but here's the felt version. Enjoy!

The felt colours I have are really limited, so I chose this dark purple-pink piece, the closest colour I could get. But somehow it turned out so pinkish in the photos & I'm afraid it now looks like a tomato passing off as a mangosteen! But can you just imagine that it's a mangosteen? Free Smiley Courtesy of

* Just came back from NTUC Fairprice & guess what - they are selling the mangosteens at only S$2.20 per kg! :(


  1. so cute! you always sew up the cutest plushies =D mangosteens today, perhaps tomorrow would be a durian? oh, it would require so much patience to get all the spikes sewn up! i do not have the patience for that =P

    and the croc shoes: if you get the adorable charms, they do perk up the shoes a lot. and i love how cute charms + crocs go together. hopefully, the free charms you received were cute enough! =)
    i did not permanently deprive my sister of her beloved crocs. i simply could not do it, however comfy they were! =P

    hope ure having a wonderful week, alcy!

  2. Thank you for liking what my brother calls the x-mangosteen. =D

    Same thoughts here! =) You know, I was just thinking the other day, does it mean I have to sew a durian if I were to eat one on another day? But like you, I don't think I have the patience to get all the spikes sewn up. =)

    About the charms: I got a pack with all those cartoon characters - Mulan, Little Mermaid, Pirates of the Carribean, etc... (not exactly cute, to me!) =P

    Have a great week ahead! =)


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