Friday, May 22, 2009

Crocs Sale

Went to the Crocs shoes sale this morning (Thanks Carol, for the 'tip-off'). The sale was supposed to start at 10am. I alighted at the Expo bus stop at around 9.30am & was telling myself that I was too early. But when I arrived at the Expo Hall, a VERY long queue had already formed - starting from outside the sale hall entrance, all the way into the adjacent hall, forming a very long snake-like line. Wonder what time did those people arrive? After I joined the queue, the line continued to stretch from inside the adjacent hall to outside the other Expo halls & all the way to where the outdoor Burger King is & beyond. Scary! I didn't know Crocs shoes are THAT popular! I took a photo of us queuing inside the adjacent hall. Oh, I'm too shy to raise my camera too high up when taking the photo, that's why you only see a small part of the queue.

Anyway, when the sale was about to start, there was a countdown from 10 to 1 over the PA system, as if they were launching some kind of space craft. Haha...of course many of us were laughing away & some even clapped their hands when the count was down to 1. Funny!

When I finally got inside the sale hall, there were people everywhere! Most shoes were gone as soon as they were placed on the table, some didn't even get to touch the table as they were quickly grabbed by all those very hungry shoppers! The shoes were practically gone in 60 secs, just like Nicholas Cage's movie by the same title! Only those big sized shoes were left on the table which I guess were so big that no one could wear them.

Sigh, all the queuing for nothing as I didn't see what I wanted. But I can't leave without buying anything, that's not me! So I bought a pair of clogs for S$35 & a pair of 'Alice' shoes (only realised this is the shoes' name when I saw the receipt) for S$25. The guy at the counter gave me some free charms for the shoes (I just need to complete a very short & easy survey).

On my trip home, I decided to take the MRT instead of the bus, so that I could pick up some groceries on my way back & I saw this in the MRT:

An empty area with NO SEATS!? I didn't know there's this empty area with no seats in MRTs! I thought only buses are like that. My, I feel like a 'mountain tortoise'. It must have been ages since I've travelled in the MRT. Haha... =D

Oh, by the way, this will be my first & also the last time I'm going to a Crocs Sale. I'd rather queue at the books sale instead.


  1. Woo...crazy crowds at the Crocs Sale! Pretty much the same scenario at the recent Adidas Sale :P

    I'm not a huge fan of Crocs, think their merchandise are overly-priced for that kind of materials used to make their shoes. Their initial designs were not flattering on ladies' feet either. Maybe they have improved their range now, I'm not sure. Haha.

    Like you I'm also surprised to see the new MRT cabins recently. And you know, they have changed to some neat 'stops-tracking' system in the cabin too. Quite similar to the ones in HongKong.

  2. You are very right, I, too, think that those China-made rubber shoes are rather over-priced. I'm not a fan & don't own any Crocs shoes, i.e. not until yesterday (I bought them bec' I'd spent so much time queuing - I'm such a person!). I'm just very curious as I see so many people wearing those shoes & thought they must be very comfortable or something, otherwise you won't have such a huge following. Well, I guess my curiosity has been satisfied & that's the 1st & also the last time they'll find me there! =)

    So now they have 'stops-tracking' system in MRTS as well? What next? Cabin crew to serve drinks & snacks? Haha...=D

  3. Hi Alcy! First of all, thanks for leaving such a sweet message on my blog. You made me smile =). And it's nice to know that someone out there is as much as a coffee junkie as I am ;)

    I love Crocs *don't hate me please! ;) I hurt my foot last year, and I found that Crocs gave me the support I needed to ease some of the pain. But I agree that they are expensive. I wouldn't buy a pair for myself - I just wore my sister's. ;) Which ones did you get? the Mary Jane's? Those are adorable, especially the pink ones =)

  4. Hi, Lyn! Aww, why would i hate you for loving Crocs? I'm now a Crocs wearer myself =D I bought a pair of black (not much choice left *sob*) 'Alice' shoes, you know the one with a strap across the front? Not sure if they are Mary Jane's style (pardon me for my ignorance) though. My sis-in-law wanted a pair of pink Mary Jane too but sadly, that colour's not available at the sale. Also bought a pair of clogs, you know the one with a big round front? Not flattering to the feet, I know, but I'll buy anything after being in the queue for soooo long...yeah, I'm that kinda sucker.

    Oh yes, I saw a photo of your swollen foot in your blog. Is it better now? Didn't your sister discover her missing crocs? ^-^

  5. I dig riding mass transit! But I would probably have to take the bus since this has not seats!

  6. Hi Quad! You've made your way to Singapore, what an adventurous bear! Thanks for dropping by. =)

    Oh, you can still take this MRT as it's only a small section that hasn't got seats. The rest of the train has plenty of them.


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