Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bug? Virus? What Is It This Time?

Don't know what's happening to my blog today. I've been experiencing problems since this morning - either the blog skin is missing (the background appears all white), or some of the contents are missing, or there's problem connecting to it! But the greatest problem is, I don't know what's wrong with it!?!? Sigh, it was still working fine yesterday...

Hmm, since there's noone to seek help from, I tried deleting some stuff away. It seemed to work initially but when I tried accessing the blog later in the afternoon, the same problems popped up again. Sigh...What's happening here? Anyone knows?

Anyway, can you please do me a favour? If you don't see my usual blog appearing, e.g. if the blog skin is missing, etc, can you please let me know? I just want to know if it's only me having the problem or my visitors also encounter the same. Thank you!


  1. your blog skin looks perfectly fine to me. (^^)

  2. Thanks, Grace...It wasn't like that the whole of yesterday...I had to delete some stuff before it's back to normal. *sob*


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