Friday, May 28, 2010


Hello! I'm feeling much better already after being sick for almost 4 weeks.

So, to celebrate my almost full recovery, I decided to go shopping. My friend, Helen, brought me to Daiso located at the Rivervale Mall a couple of weeks back. And yesterday afternoon, I made my way back there once more, all by myself this time.

I took the MRT - travelled on the East-West line (in green), Circle line (in yellow), followed by the North-East line (in purple) & then transferred on to the LRT at the Sengkang station.

But I got "lost" along the way as I boarded the wrong LRT (took the West instead of East Loop service) headed in the opposite direction instead. As a result, I got to tour the entire Sengkang estate before finally reaching my destination.

The whole MRT + LRT journey lasted 1.5 hours!

Here are some of the stuff I bought at Daiso - some craft supplies & some non-craft items including the wooden monkey above....:)

I love Daiso & will definitely go back again but I need to find a faster/shorter way to get there...any suggestions?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I'm Craving For...

I've met my match. After 2 weeks & 3 visits to the doctor, I'm still battling this stubborn cold virus that shows no sign of retreating. Not even a teeny weeny bit of improvement after swallowing bags of pills, bottles of cough syrup and buckets of herbal teas & tonics. Sigh, the battle of the 2 stubborn mules continues...

Not sure about you but everytime when I'm sick and had to abstain from certain food, I start to crave for them. Right now, I have this strange craving for burgers. And it certainly didn't help when I found this in my mailbox a couple of days ago:

There are some discount coupons in the flyer that I'm dying to use:

Ok, for the sake of my Portobello Mushroom Thickburger, I MUST get well soon. Till then, I'll just have to make-do & eye feast on this mini felt hamburger for the time-being:

This mini felt hamburger is approximately 2cm in diameter.

Mini burger posing next to a local 10 cents coin:

Mini burger posing next to an USA one dime coin:

Argh, but I don't think it's working...I need a REAL burger...SOON!...

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Still Sick

Hello. It's been a week and I'm still sick. I'm down with a cold now - throat is still sore and nose is terribly congested but the good thing is fever's gone.

Needless to say, I've not been able to craft lately but would like to share these pictures I took with you.

This was what I saw last Sunday evening when I looked out of my window:

Last Thursday morning on my way to work, I spotted a rainbow in the sky again:

The weather's been so unbearably hot lately but the flowers are all blooming brightly:

Hope I'll get back on track soon. Have a good week ahead.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Needles And Pain

Woke up this morning with my throat feeling painful & tight. This makes eating & drinking extremely painful, as if I'm swallowing needles! Went to the doctor & was told that my tonsils are inflamed. The total medical fees came up to S$61.10! And what did I get? Some antibiotics, 8 lozenges, a tiny bottle of mouth gargle and 5 minutes' consultation with the doctor. All these for S$61.10!

To all kids out there, next time when you're asked to write an essay on "我的志愿" in class, you may want to consider the medical profession.

All right, mum's herbal teas are calling. I gotta get some rest & nurse my sick tonsils as well as the now inflamed pocket.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Walk In The Woods

The sun is shining brightly and it looks like a good day to take a walk in the woods and maybe gather some pretty flowers too.

So with her basket in hand, little Squirrel sets off for the Buttons Woods.

"What pretty flowers! I should bring some home."

"Wait...what's this?"

"Oh, look! I found a nut!"

But it's not just any ordinary nut, it's the special Monkey Nut!

"Yippee! Such wonderful luck to chance upon this rare find."

Little Squirrel quickly picked up the Monkey Nut and put it in her basket.

"I'm so excited! I must get home quickly and squirrel this away."

"It is indeed a good day to take a walk in the woods. I'm so happy."

"I certainly hope that you have enjoyed this walk in the Buttons Woods with me too."

With the rare Monkey Nut safely tucked in her basket, little Squirrel happily skipped towards home.