Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I Have Some Issues To Attend To...

Ahh...why do 'problems' keep popping up? Well, they're not really serious problems but just matters that need to be addressed but unfortunately, are not entirely within my control. Such matters are most difficult because I cannot solve them immediately once & for all (cos they're not within my control!) & so my mind keeps drifting back to them every now & then until such time when the issues are finally resolved. Oh well, that's it, I prefer not to write about any unhappy stuff, be it in my blog or anywhere else. C'mon, why would I want to record such things & be reminded of them constantly, like every time I read my blog? I only want to remember the good & pleasant things, as I believe that way, I will attract more good vibes my way (heehee, that's what I think!). I don't even dare to pray for strength/courage to help me overcome my problems, as I once read somewhere that by doing that is like inviting more challenges to come my way! Eek, that's the last thing I want! Rather, I am learning to accept whatever 'challenges' that come my way & try to handle them as the situation calls for. I prefer to think that whether a thing, an event or a person is termed good or bad is only a mental label we put on it & may change depending on the situation, which side of the coin you're looking at & perhaps, over time. So there's no absolute good or bad about anything, a seeming loss may actually turn out to be a gain...Make sense?


  1. Me too, problems pop up like a fountain.

  2. Ha ha, like a fountain? My, I hope you don't have that many problems! ^_^


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