Saturday, May 16, 2009

Golden Number

A few months ago, I applied for the Mio plan so that I could have internet access at home but also got a new handphone line which came along with it. During registration, I was told to go over to a board located at the entrance of the shop to select a handphone number. There were little pieces of paper, with handphone numbers printed on them, stuck on both sides of the board. I looked through all the numbers & reluctantly selected one on the back of the board which I thought was slightly easier to remember than the rest. When I handed the piece of paper with my selected number to the Customer Service staff, I was told that I had selected a -

Wow, sounds so prestigious, right? Ever since the number was activated, I had received countless "wrong number calls"! Just last week alone, there were at least 6 calls from people I don't know (& they were looking for a different person each time!). Yesterday, there's this uncle who started chatting away in Hokkien, "Eh, you just came home only, meh?....", without even saying "Hello" or ascertaining whether I am the person he's looking for! I had no choice but to cut his conversation short by telling him, "Sorry, you've got the wrong number!".

At the time of registration, when the Customer Service staff told me that I am not allowed to continue using this golden number after my 2-year Mio contract expires, I was still fretting, "Huh, so troublesome, you mean I have to change my handphone number again then?". But NOW, I'm thankful that I can look forward to change that (stupid) number in about 1.5 years' time!

Gosh, GOLDEN NUMBER - my foot! It's just a recycled number that gave me nothing but inconvenience...

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