Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Do you still remember the Tamagotchi toy? Yes, the egg-shaped handheld digital pet that allows you to:
- Feed the Tamagotchi a piece of food or snack
- Play games with the Tamagotchi
- Clean up the Tamagotchi's poop
- Check its age, hunger & happiness statistics

I made these 3 felt Tamagotchis when I was also part of the digital pet craze!


  1. o my ... i didn't what they were until last year when the kids started bugging for them. was browsing at your site ... mei si instantly identified - 'hey! tamagotchi!'.

    we had 3 but left with 2 now. my son's went into the washing machine for a wash and is washed out permanently now :(

  2. Your son's Tamagotchi has decided to go for a swim! How mischievous! ;)

    Well, what you see in my blog is the earlier batch of Tamagotchis. Nowadays, those gadgets are better with more functions I think. Is that right, Mei Si?

  3. yeah more functions, more costly ... between the 3 of them, i already see the different versions and before you know it, their frens have higher another version .. can't keep up.

  4. Yeah, we can never keep up with all these things; there's always something newer & better, isn't it? But the thing is, probably their interest will wear off in the meantime?...Hopefully?


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