Thursday, April 30, 2009

How Do You Spend A Lazy Afternoon?

...Why don't you take a cat nap!

Saw this sleeping cat today when I was about to enter the lift & thought why not take a picture of it (I haven't figured out the cat's gender, so I shall refer to cat as 'it'). OK, before I continue, I shall divert a little here to explain why the interest in kitty. You see, I met this kitty before...sometime last week. It was sitting outside the lift at that time but when it saw me standing next to my letter box at a little distance away, it actually walked over to sit next to me instead! I guess it wanted to keep me company while I fished out the pile of mail from my letter box! Heehee, how considerate! But the ungrateful me didn't stop to take a picture of it at that time. So this time when I met (sleeping) kitty again, I thought I should take a picture of it.

Anyway coming back to where I left off...The kitty seemed to be sound asleep, so I walked quietly towards it, fiddled with my handphone camera trying to get ready to take the picture, and when I looked back at the kitty, I was surprised to find it staring at me with its big yellow eyes! It caught me by surprise because I thought it was sound asleep! Anyway, its stare lasted for only about 2 seconds before kitty went back to sleep (or pretended to be asleep) again.

Later when I got home & settled down to continue reading my book (Eckhart Tolle's "A New Earth - Awakening to Your Life's Purpose"), the paragraph (on page 149) I turned to read:

"If you have ever lived with a cat, you will know that even when the cat seems to be asleep, it still knows what is going on, because at the slightest unusual noise, its ears will move toward it, and its eyes may open slightly...."

Well, well, another surprise...this book is not about cats, so the last thing I expected was to read that! What coincidence! Guess if I had read this first before my encounter with the cat, perhaps I would not have been surprised by its stare...??


  1. i like the way you weave the story around the cat :)

  2. Hi Mag, Thank you. It's really all about the kitty - the star of the day!

  3. Thank you, Kor Kor. Maybe it's the result of all the day-dreaming...


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