Friday, April 24, 2009

Do You See The Similarity?

This is my favourite chair. I bought it from IKEA many years ago. But one morning it just dawned on me that this chair looked vaguely familiar...But what does it remind me of? ... ... ...

... ... ... Oh, I know what it is! I ran to my study & started rummaging through the drawers & finally found what I was looking for - this:

This is "The Chair & Pipe" painting by Vincent Van Gogh. The chair frame is different but take a look at the seat! See the similarity? So, this is what my chair reminded me of - my favourite artist's painting! may not see the similarity like I do but you know how the mind works sometimes? Yeah, like sometimes you may think a certain person resembles someone but others don't feel the same way? Perhaps this may be one of those instances.

Oh, by the way here's a picture I took at the "Teddy Bear Museum" in Jeju, Korea last June:

It's the Vincent Van Gogh Bear! How cute!

I am trying out something I read from the ebook titled "Blogging in Pink: A Woman's Guide" by Michelle Mitchell from Scribbit. Chapter 19 (page 140) addressed the problem of how photographs and video footages lengthen the time it takes our blog to download and suggested optimising our photos for a faster download. According to the ebook, just upload your photo into your post draft in Blogger, preview the post, right click on the preview photo and save the photo as a smaller image by clicking "Save Image As" (this saves it as a smaller file automatically without having to resize it yourself). Then re-upload this smaller file and delete the old photo. So, I did that & guess what - take for example the photo of my favourite chair posted above, the original file size was 775KB but the re-sized one is only 13.5KB! Try it and you may also want to read the ebook for other blogging tips.

Well, enough of my rambling. Have an enjoyable

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