Sunday, April 19, 2009


I don't like crows. I still remember this incident from years ago - I was enjoying a piece of curry puff while walking in a park when suddenly I felt something swept through my hair. No, it wasn't the evening breeze caressing my hair but a crow swooping down on my head, trying to snatch my curry puff away! Oh no, not my favourite curry puff, you bad crow! Arrrrgh...

Somehow, the incident reminded me of Alfred Hitchcock's 1963 suspense film, "The Birds". Eeks! I think I watch too many suspense & horror films...

Hmm...but I guess this cute crow I sewed could be an exception??

P.S. There's "Harper's Island" tonight on Channel 5 at 10.30pm. It's one of those Agatha Christie-style whodunits. You bet I'll be catching this 2nd episode tonight. Hope there are no crows starring in the show though...


  1. Crows attacked Pa on the head when he was walking with a bag of fish along YCK Rd towards CM's former flat at Serangoon. Fierce creatures!

  2. Yeah, heard of Pa's encounter too. These creatures are scary, no wonder they are often featured in horror shows! They are horrifying - whether in shows or reality! >_<


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