Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Egg Hunt

What have I been doing? Free Smiley Courtesy of www.millan.net Well, I was busy hunting Easter Eggs on Facebook's (fluff)Friends (I adopted a virtual pet there). The hunt lasted from 3 - 13 April 09 (ended this morning at 8am) but I only joined the fun on 11 Apr 09 night (don't ask me why cos I have no idea either).

Basically, every (fluff)Book was equipped with its very own patch of pretty grass, which may or may not be hiding an egg, like this:
So, when you click on the grass patch & if there's nothing there, it'll be like this: But, if there's an egg hidden there, you'll see this:

Anyway, so you go around clicking on other people's (fluff)Book & when you finally found an egg, it's not happily ever after kinda thing because you'll need to give a token of goodwill before sneaking across to take the egg - either by giving a gift or feeding their pets some (fluff)Food. Only once this is completed, then you'll be free and clear to go for the egg. Of course in some (rare) cases, you can simply pick up the egg and be on your merry way!

Here's part of my loot (only put some of my finds in my pet's habitat) - a few pretty decorated eggs, plenty of plain-coloured eggs, Easter grass patches & even rotten eggs (the green polka dot one with a crack at the top)!

Pssst...Some of the plain-coloured eggs contained these Easter goodies!

Some of the gifts I received from the other (fluff)Book owners (when they found something in my garden) include:

Someone even fed my pet this 'Raggedy Old Boot' Arghh...Yucks!

Overall, it was quite fun...especially for people with nothing better to do, like me!

P.S. Brother 'R' - I sent your pet 'Giffi" some of the Easter goodies, including a rotten egg! Free Smiley Courtesy of www.millan.net

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