Thursday, April 16, 2009

Take Two

Woohoo! Nature is good to me this year! I have discovered a second flower bud in my beloved plant while watering it today. The flowers that you saw earlier have since withered & then I discovered this, how apt. I attribute this 'bloom boom' to the brown rice water that I feed the plant daily (since Nov 08), i.e. the water that I collected from rinsing the brown rice before cooking them for my meals. So I guess all the vitamins & minerals from the brown rice must somehow have benefitted the plant as well, right? Well, I choose to believe so. do you have the urge to rush to the supermarket to get your own bag of brown rice now?

As I am writing this entry, I smell something real good coming from one of my neighbours' kitchen. Smells like chicken, very fragrant! Hmm... if only I could 'record' this smell & upload it here, the same way like I could take a picture or record a sound, then you would be able to smell this aroma & salivate with me! Ha ha...


  1. I can take that nice fragrance from those photos.

  2. Thanks for following my blog, Nobu-san!


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