Saturday, April 25, 2009


Looking at the post title, you may be expecting to see some hot babes' photos posted here but well, you won't get any! Gotcha!

Free Smiley Courtesy of Would you believe me if I told you this video was shot only just last week, on 15 Apr 09? Last Wednesday, I was still enjoying this kind of cool, windy weather but all of a sudden it became so HOT, HOT, HOT...only in a matter of few days!

Free Smiley Courtesy of The weather is now unbelievably HOT & has been like this for the past week. Today's temperature was supposed to be around 33°C but it really felt like 40°C! When I came home from the supermarket this morning, I was literally bathing in sweat. By the way, on my way back from the supermarket, I saw this tree with full of mangoes! So tempting...I love mangoes, yummy. Mango trees thrive in hot weather (I don't!) & will bear plenty of fruits during such times. So I guess if I want to eat my favourite mangoes, I'll have to bear with this terribly hot weather, right? Hmm, fair enough.

Can you spot the mangoes?
Here they are!
So, how do you beat the heat then? Well, for me, I just take more showers, drink more water, eat ice-creams & this:

This is frozen crepe with durian fillings. I guess you either hate it or love it depending on whether you like durian or not. I love durians, so needless to say I absolutely love these durian crepes. Mum made these yummy desserts herself but you can also buy similar ones at cake shops. Just hope that I don't put on too much weight from all these fattening stuff I consumed. But how can I resist???


  1. Suprised! I's like summer.
    I've seen mango on tree first time.
    We can sometime buy mango in a supermarket,but those are already get yellow.

  2. Hello Nobu-san, unlike Japan we don't have 4 seasons here; it's only either rain or shine. How sad.

    We can also get all kinds of mangoes in the supermarkets here & sometimes they're quite cheap, about S$1 each. Hmm...but the mangoes you see in my picture don't seem to turn yellow at all. Don't know why. Many of these mango trees are grown in the neighbourhood where I live.


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