Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Salmon Sushi Flavoured Chips

Look what I found - Salmon sushi flavoured potato chips!

The packaging looks so nice but I'm more curious about the taste, that's why I bought a packet to try. It costs S$1.50 (52.5g). Each pack comes with a wasabi powder sachet - you are supposed to pour this powder into the packet of chips (the pack is resealable) & shake it up before eating them.

Verdict: You MUST add the wasabi powder cos without it, the chips tasted ordinary, can't even tell its sushi flavoured! Sigh, sometimes I wonder why did they even bother to R&D anything when all you have to do is to re-package existing stuff in a nice wrapper, slap on a fanciful name & you'll get silly people like me (aka suckers) buying them (even if it's only just once). And I always get conned by nice packagings...


  1. Salmon sushi taste?

  2. Hi, Nobu-san. Unfortunately, the chips tasted ordinary, no sign of any salmon sushi taste at all...:)

  3. haha! i never seen that before! i would be suckered into buying it just to try the taste too! too bad it wasn't what you expected. thanx for sharing. if i ever see it in japan, i will know not to buy them.

  4. Hello Grace! Haha...I hope the chips company will not sue me for bad publicity! :)

  5. I love the shrimp chips, they do taste like shrimp!

  6. Hi, Quad! You're lucky to get shrimp chips that tasted like shrimps. :) You sure like your vittles, don't you? You are one interesting bear! ;)


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