Monday, June 8, 2009

Old Cantonese Movie - 如来神掌

You gotta watch these clips - the original series of "如来神掌" movies. Watch out for the special effects too (thought it's cool considering these are movies from the 60's)!

1st Clip:
Starring 檸檬 (Lemon!) as the 'Sifu' & 曹達華 as his disciple.
Note: Initially there were only 8 stages in the 如来神掌 Kung Fu.

2nd clip:
Here you can see 如来神掌 Kung Fu upgraded to Stage 9 - 萬佛朝宗. So, Kung Fu also must upgrade, not only HDB flats! Haha...

The male lead is 曹達華 (the chubby swordsman) & the female lead is 于素秋 . The 2nd female lead is 林鳳 (died very young - suicide). Can you recognise the 2nd male lead?...

...That's 關海山! Wow, so young then!

The Music 萬佛朝宗 ~ 純音樂 - 闖將令. Once you hear this piece of music, you'll know it's a 如来神掌 movie:

I love old Cantonese movies!

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