Sunday, June 14, 2009


I love hedgehogs. I think they look very cute!

This yellow hedgie I made is now 'adopted' by my friend, Carol. Hope she likes it as much as I do! :)

If you are interested, I found this lovely hedgie pattern here while I was blog-hopping one day. Try making one!


  1. Awesome hedgehog! It is sooo adoh-rable. I'm sure Carol is loving it. :)
    And the cake is looking really yummy! Now the birthday boy can get a whole cake as opposed to just a slice ;). Awesome-ness :)

  2. Nobu-San:
    Thank you! I like the big eyes. :)

    Hi, welcome back! :) Glad you like the hedgie too.

    Hmm, about the cake...I had posted it earlier by mistake as my Bro#2's birthday will not be due till 2 mths later (Oops!), so I had removed the post temporarily. HeeHee...I'm really that blur sometimes. :P

  3. LOL. Oh, I know all about being blur. Trust me, I do ;)

    I am so excited to see your creations from Cute Dolls and read about the book on your blog! It has been quite some time since I flipped through that book. One thing I remember well is how amusing the convos between the characters are ;)

  4. Lovely hedgie :) Has it got a name?

  5. Lyn:
    Haha...welcome to the 'blur blob' club, I need not be its sole member anymore. :P

    Yeah, I can't wait to make some of those cute dolls too. And I like the way the book presents all those instructions in cartoon form, so cute!

    Btw, I was elated to find a Bakerzine outlet near home. So I went there a couple of days ago (yes yes, trying desperately to look for those macarons) but they didn't have them that morning!!! *sob* *sob* I'll try to go back again on another day to look for those elusive macarons...*sob* :(

  6. Izaberu:
    Now that you didn't occur to me to give it a name! I'm not good at christening things...Maybe I'll just name it after my friend 'Carol' since it's adopted by her now. I hope she doesn't mind. :)

  7. Izaberu:
    Really? *secretly pleased* Hahaha... :)


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