Sunday, March 28, 2010

Less Than Perfect - Pink Piglet

I must admit that little pink piggy here is not very well crocheted. There are big gaps here and there that would make any expert crocheter cringe. However, despite all the imperfections, I didn't throw it away cos I like how this piglet looks - it's big ears & smiling eyes. I call this 缺陷美!

Oh, and this lucky piggy does not have weight problems too.

Look, it's a long-legged slim beauty! Ha!

Come to think of it, I've never thrown away any of the things I made including those crafting mishaps. Yes, of course there are crafting mishaps - like everything else in life, sometimes the crafts turn out in forms other than those I envisaged. But I still keep them just because I made them with love - my passion for crafting. Maybe someday I'll show them to you but are you strong enough to stomach them, I wonder... :D

Remember my trip to Daiso a couple of months back? Well, little pink piggy here was crocheted with the S$2 yarn I bought there. I still have a big ball of that pink yarn left, wonder what I should make next...

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