Sunday, January 24, 2010

Eggy Piggy

A belated Happy 2010! A little late, I know but better late than never, right? :D

Oh, I finally made a trip to Spotlight and Daiso the other day. There were so, so many things that I had wanted to buy but couldn't carry them all home. I bought some craft supplies and also this:

I like stuff made of wood and so I had to buy this wooden box even though I didn't know what I shall use it for (not to mention it only costs S$2!). But I'm sure I'll be able to find some use for me, I'm very good at that (especially when I wanted something desperately) :)

Now, I use it to house my crochet needles! Mum bought me these crochet needles many, many years ago...probably more than 15 years ago?

I haven't crocheted for a long time as I couldn't find any nice patterns in diagram format. You see, I have problem reading those crochet instructions in written form.

But last Christmas, with nothing better to do, I decided to try crocheting again but this time using a written pattern and these were what I made:

*Hello, I'm little Eggy Piggy*

*I like to eat apples*

*This weird yellow apple, like me, was born on Christmas day*

*Well, I'm off market, to buy more apples...Ta ta!*

Little Eggy Piggy and weird yellow apple turned out a little wonky but I like them :). Now I have no more fear, will continue to try to crochet some other stuff using written patterns!


  1. Oh, Little Eggy Piggy so cute! Love him! And the yellow apple is adorable too :)
    I think it is fabulous that you know how to read patterns in written and diagram form. I'm still trying to find time to learn the latter!

  2. Thank you, Lyn! I'm sure you'll grasp the diagram patterns in no time. :)


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