Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Busy Bee

Just pop by to say hello as I've been missing in action for a while. Have been pretty busy with my day job, so no crafting done at all during the past few weeks. Whatever little free time I have was spent idling around :).

Anyway, I always take the same route to work every day and this morning I was thinking perhaps I should show you some of my 'favourite things' - things that I like seeing on my way to work each day.

This is my favourite tree:

My favourite pebble path:

Also saw this purple plant on my way home from work one day. Though messy, I thought it looked pretty swaying in the breeze. It's grown wild, outside an office building which is still under construction. I believe once the building is completed, this plant will probably be removed.

Is it silly to show you these ordinary things? :)

What do you see on your way to work/school each morning? Do you notice your surroundings or like most people, would just hurry along to wherever you're heading?

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  1. of course it's not silly alcy!
    i love the way u pay so much attention to the details around you :) it's wonderful :)

    i live in the city, so most of the time, what i notice is a new store, or a new building, and occasionally, a new homeless person ;)
    but the university is also set in the better part of the city, and we have the loveliest trees and flowers around. and i love it when the seasons change and the gardeners start digging up the old flowers and plant new ones.


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