Monday, October 19, 2009

Keroppi Alarm Clock

Hmm...The alarm on my little clock has decided to take a break and does not sound anymore these days. So now I had to rely on my handphone alarm to wake me up in the morning. This is the second alarm clock I broke.

But nothing's wasted, when the first one went dead, I removed the hour & minute hands and sewed this felt alarm clock with a Keroppi face on it!

How I wish this Keroppi alarm clock would actually work...

Keroppi is my favourite Sanrio character, though I like Minna No Tabo & Hello Kitty too. Do you have a favourite Sanrio character?


  1. alccyyyyyy! you are so incredibly talented!
    your alarm clock is sooooo cute!

    shamefully, while i know keroppi and hello kitty, i have no idea which ones make up the sanrio characters. i love monokoru boo (hope i have the spelling right!), but i'm not sure whether it's part of sanrio :P

  2. Thanks, Lyn! This is one of my favourite felt projects :).

    Oh, I think Monokuro Boo are San-X characters but I'm not sure if they are related companies though. I like their Kogepan, you know that burnt red bean bun? :) Anyway, guess it doesn't really matter what characters they are cos we'll like them as long as they are kawaii right? :D

  3. so when can i send my kids fo lesson ? heheh :)

  4. Hi Mag, I've not forgotten about the craft day for your kids. But remember no complicated stuff as your kids are too young to sew yet :).

  5. Hi Theresia! Thank you for dropping by my blog. Keroppi's my favourite too. :)


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