Friday, March 20, 2009

Try These Chips!

You MUST try these jackfruit chips, they're very delicious! These chips are made from real jackfruits but I think they're sort of dehydrated to make them crisp. I got this 210g pack from the Value$ Store at S$4.05. There's another assorted pack selling at S$3.50 which consists of jackfruit chips (best), banana chips (good), yam chips (so-so) and sweet potato chips (crispy but don't taste like sweet potato at all). Since the jackfruit chips taste best amongst the lot, I suggest that you buy the S$4.05 pack, i.e. the one with solely jackfruit chips, as I feel it's better value for money. Wait, wait...there's durian chips too & they taste heavenly (slurp! slurp!), have you tried those?


  1. i wanna let u try something purple ... ate some purple crisp lately ... was unique ... won't tell u what it's made of first ... until we meet :) before that are you game to try ????

  2. Purple? And Edible?...Is it yam? Sweet potato?...Hmm...Till we meet!


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