Saturday, March 21, 2009


This was what I saw this evening outside my window at around 7.15pm -

To my left, there's an orange sky! Isn't it beautiful? When I looked at the camera viewer after taking this photo, I thought what a beautiful picture, I even managed to capture the sun! But the funny thing was when I looked up at the sky, I didn't see any sun at all! I was quite puzzled & thought to myself: "Wow, I didn't know my little camera has this special effects function that can even add a sun to my picture at its own discretion!" Haha...Of course I didn't capture the sun at all & neither do I have an intelligent camera with special effects function; the "sun" (white patch) was actually a result of dirty lens. But jolly well, this additional touch was very much welcomed. What do you think?

Now to my right, there's this rainbow in the sky (yes, again!) but I thought it's not as nice as the one I saw on 25 Feb 09.

Looking at the 2 pictures, you must have thought they were taken at different time of the day but I actually took them almost at the same time (only about 5 minutes apart)! Isn't it amazing? Can you picture this - One side was orangy & getting quite dark while the other side was still bright with a pretty rainbow? Nice.

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