Monday, February 16, 2009

A Special Guest

A little black bird visited me yesterday (uh uh, not this cute one on the right). To be specific, it visited my bedroom. Bird used my toilet, checked itself out in my side table mirror, tried my bed & even inspected my floor & the top of my chest of drawers to see if I had dusted them well...How did I know bird toured those places? Well, birdie left poop & seeds as souvenirs & proof of its visit. Mum thought it was an auspicious sign of better luck coming my way. Bless her for her optimism!


  1. in the am, i love to hear birds' chirping by my window but they never get closer than the window grilles.

    i choose to believe what auntie is saying ... better luck is coming my way ... yeah !!!

  2. Like you, I too like to wake up to birds' chirping by my window in the morning. But close encounters of my, maybe not.


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