Thursday, February 19, 2009


No, not mine! I'm referring to the retirement of some of the stuff I own. The strap on my sandal (the right foot one) broke while I was walking home from work this evening. Thankfully, only the part where the strap joins the base of the shoe at the big toe end came off, while the strap that stretches horizontally across my foot remained intact, thus still making it possible for me to drag my foot & 'limp' the rest of my way home.

Many of my home appliances 'retired' in the past few months - first, my standing lamp broke after shining brightly for 10 years, followed by the fridge which has been with me for close to 15 years. I believe the next 'retiree' would be the washing machine as it has started showing signs of weariness (it has also been with me for almost 15 years). I've always hoped that all the stuff I own will last forever so that I do not have to spend money replacing them, especially during tough times like these. But we all know that no worldly thing will last forever. So now, I'm just thankful that the sandals, lamp & fridge have served me well during all those years and I hope their replacements will do just as well if not better.

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