Friday, February 20, 2009

Remembering Pa Pa

Today is Pa Pa's death anniversary. How time flies, he has left us for 2 years already.

Pa Pa was a hoarder; he collected alot of things during his days - stamps, currency notes, big sweep tickets, old records, cigarette boxes & many many other stuff that others would have thrown away but he kept as treasures.

Unfortunately, many of his treasures had to go after he left us but here (in the 1st picture), you can still see some of his things I kept for remembrance: little cigarette boxes, an "Around the World in 80 days" movie ticket dated 30 March 1958, an admission ticket to Harlem Globetrotters' match dated 12 December 1956, a Bill Haley & his Comets "Rock Around the Clock" record & some picture cards that were stashed away in one of the cigarette boxes. Lovely stuff, right?

Like Pa Pa, I am also a hoarder (a scaled-down version though) - I collect tin boxes & chewing gum wrappers, keep almost every shopping bag (even the not-so-nice ones) as I can't bear to throw them away, and I still have those little premiums (small toys) that accompanied each bag of cracker/tidbit I bought when I was a kid! I guess I inherited the trait from Pa Pa...But who will inherit my 'treasures' after I'm gone?

Pa Pa, we miss you...

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