Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Junk? No More

What do you do with these promotional pamphlets/catalogues that you receive in the mail from credit card companies/shopping malls? For me, I would normally dispose them immediately without second thoughts.

But recently I found a way of putting these junk mails to good use - turn them into mini Sudoku puzzle books!

You see, I have been collecting quite alot of Sudoku puzzles from newspapers & magazines but over time, these loose pieces of cut-outs are getting a little out of hand and are becoming quite a mess, lying all over the place. So what I did was to paste all these puzzle cut-outs in a pamphlet.

For a sturdier 'book' cover, I taped a thicker piece of cardboard over it (I used one of those thick shopping catalogue covers).

So now I have a mini Suduko puzzle book which I can carry with me wherever I go! :)

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