Monday, December 28, 2009

Fish Head Curry

I have a weakness for curries. Any kind of curries - chicken, fish, vegetable, you name it, I love them all!

I could resist my other favourites like durians, mangoes, but never curries. It's my "nemesis". Don't you have some kind of food that you simply can't resist? If you do, then you'd know what I mean.

This is the fish head curry that mum cooked:

- Fish Head (mum used white snapper)
- Ladies Fingers (1 packet)
- 1 Brinjal
- 2 Tomatoes


Oh, I had really wanted to write down the recipe here but it's just too long (!) and I gave up trying. Guess I will just concentrate on eating :D... Sorry!


  1. i love curries, too! Your mom's fishhead curry looked really yummilicious :D and not forgetting the generous servings of lady fingers. But besides all food spicy, i have a weakness for chocolates :P

  2. Hi Belle, so I've found a curry 'kaki' in you! :) I like chocolates too but I must say curries still reign supreme. :D

  3. Yes you have :D
    Here's wishing you a fruitful, joyful and peaceful 2010!

  4. oooo! i love curry so much too! :D
    my fave is still the good ole' curry chicken :)

    and happy new year to you too, alcy!
    have a wonderful day!

  5. i love ROJAK ...

    HAPPY 2010 - hope this new year be spicy & hot - with the perfect intensity for you :)

  6. Thanks for your wishes, Mag. Happy 2010 to you too - hope it'll be a colourful year with a nice variety of everything nice, just for YOU :)


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