Sunday, October 3, 2010

To Market, To Market...

Spent this morning at the Giant hypermart with my mum, sis-in-law #2 & niece H. As usual, we bought alot of groceries. I don't cook, my mum does but I enjoy these weekend trips to the supermarket cos I enjoy shopping. :)

Sewed a couple of peas (pods) when I got home... inspiration from my supermart trip? :P

Seems like a short post today but you know I can't leave you just like that without sharing a small interlude from a day in the life of the clumsy me, can I? Well, what happened was I bought 3 big cups of drinks but 2 decided to slide off the food tray I was holding, causing a sticky mess, not on me but on the hypermart food court floor. Sorry to the Uncle who had to clean up the mess for me. 真系黑仔, 鸡手鸭脚嘅我唔只系茶煲,仲白白浪费咗$4.20添. 心痛. 当黑!


  1. Ha Ha...lucky did not pour on yourself, or worse, on someone else!

  2. You bet! Don't know why I'm so very accident-prone...Must be my poor coordination/sense of balance. Well, some are born graceful while others, like me, are... sigh! (shakes head)...

  3. I find balancing drinks on the tray challenging at times, especially when the place is crowded and the table is far away. And I wonder if it has something to do with the design of the disposable cup as well. Hahaha...

  4. Good point, Bel. It must be the cup's design fault, right? At least I choose to believe so... Haha...


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