Friday, May 28, 2010


Hello! I'm feeling much better already after being sick for almost 4 weeks.

So, to celebrate my almost full recovery, I decided to go shopping. My friend, Helen, brought me to Daiso located at the Rivervale Mall a couple of weeks back. And yesterday afternoon, I made my way back there once more, all by myself this time.

I took the MRT - travelled on the East-West line (in green), Circle line (in yellow), followed by the North-East line (in purple) & then transferred on to the LRT at the Sengkang station.

But I got "lost" along the way as I boarded the wrong LRT (took the West instead of East Loop service) headed in the opposite direction instead. As a result, I got to tour the entire Sengkang estate before finally reaching my destination.

The whole MRT + LRT journey lasted 1.5 hours!

Here are some of the stuff I bought at Daiso - some craft supplies & some non-craft items including the wooden monkey above....:)

I love Daiso & will definitely go back again but I need to find a faster/shorter way to get there...any suggestions?


  1. Yay! Glad that you have bounced back to health :)

  2. :) Me too! After 4 weeks of eating mainly fish soup noodles, I can finally taste some other food again :D...


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