Monday, July 26, 2010

Food For Thought / Calico Bunny

A few weeks back I was asked to prepare a guide & if possible, conduct training to share with the supervisors & line managers on how to counsel & discipline problematic employees in the workplace.

This evening when my eldest brother came to visit, he asked if my car pool problem was resolved (see my previous post, "A Chicken's Dilemma"). I told him that I had spoken to that colleague & she had also agreed to keep to our schedule from now on. I then told my brother that I shall observe her for a period of time & if there's no improvement shown, I shall proceed to arrange my own transport thereafter.

This conversation with my brother just made me realised that talking to that colleague about her tardiness problem, making her see the problem she had caused me, getting her to agree to make an effort to keep to the schedule & taking the decision to observe her over a period of time to ensure that the problem is not repeated - by doing all these, haven't I just conducted some kind of counselling/disciplinary procedure though on a personal front? Haha...I have always believed that things happen for a reason. Now I can finally see the link - perhaps the work assignment was given to indirectly help me deal with this personal problem I was facing? A very good opportunity for me to put theory into practice, isn't it?

This calico bunny has got nothing to do with what I wrote about today. I sewed this over the weekend & just wanted to show it to you....Or maybe there's a link somewhere afterall, waiting for me to discover?...:D

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Chicken's Dilemma

Which category do you fall into? Are you normally:

(i) early or on-time for appointments; or
(ii) late for appointments?

I'm in category (i). Unfortunately, most of the people I'm supposed to meet fall into category (ii).

I have never been late for work, not until recently...

My colleague (who's staying a few blocks away) & I share a cab to work every morning. We're supposed to meet at 8am & will normally reach the office in about 10 mins, leaving us 20 mins to settle in before work starts officially at 8.30am. This arrangement had worked well so far until problems began surfacing a few weeks ago.

Recently this colleague's son started to take lifts from us as his new school's located somewhere near our office. I do not mind giving him a lift except that they have caused me to be late for work 3 times in the past few weeks already! Not only do they show up at our meeting point as late as 8.20am, they took their time to stroll down with absolutely no sense of urgency knowing very well that by the time we detour to drop her son off, we will be at least 15-20 mins late for work!

What would you have done if you were in my shoes? Would you tell her frankly about how you feel & risk causing unhappiness or adopt the mentality that 'if you can't beat them, join them' & be late for work as well?

I don't like to be late and really don't like being passively forced into making it a habit. I guess it's time to have a talk with her & if need be, stop sharing a cab if our schedules & habits no longer jive but I would have to tell her tactfully so as not to jeopardise our working relationship...

Whatever it is, I will not be a chicken...

Monday, July 5, 2010

Have Been Busy...


I noticed that whatever I do depends very much on my mood. On days when the bookworm pays me a visit, I could read book after book for days & weeks. But sometimes when I'm not in the mood for reading, I will leave my books & not touch them for months. Same goes for crafting. Are you like that too?


Recently I've lost both my dentist & hairdresser. No no, not lost forever as I believe they are very much alive (thank heavens) but that they have both left their respective practices. My favourite dentist has decided to be a stay-at-home mum while the hairdresser, well I don't know what happened to her as her colleagues & boss at the salon did not say much except that she'll not be back anytime soon in the near future :(.

Now, I have to go scout around for a new dentist & hairdresser which is absolutely distressing for me! While I understand that change is a constant thing, the problem is, I am a person of habits. After I got comfortable with say, patronising a certain store or following a certain routine which I think works for me, I am quite reluctant to change. Moreover, it takes time (& possibly luck) to find another whose skills & presence I can trust & enjoy. Are you like that too?

To all those who provide services to the public, you have absolutely no idea how important you are to this habitual creature...

Meanwhile, though distressed, I'm still in the mood for reading...